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Tools in My Toolbox for Stress

Folks I have to share what I mean by putting this label on myself. For one thing Mother Nature is the real One that manages your stress when you are out on the water with me. She has been managing mine too, every time I retreat from the land and dance awake my water spirit. I realized in 2005 that I had never really "known" stress until I experienced losing everything in Hurricane Wilma. Stress comes in many sizes and strengths. The tools that I am presenting to you are what I have found to help me before, during and after Wilma, to manage MY stress.

In 1997 I had been struggling with Sciatica for three years and as a boat captain and Ballroom dancer, my life was miserable. An angel of a friend introduced me to NIKKEN and loaned me some products. It is a Japanese company that markets Wellness Home Technologies. Some of them are alternative forms of Pain Management and others are preventative. I learned that if you have had a health challenge for a while then it might take a while for these passive magnetic technologies to take effect. Three months for me and the Sciatica has not returned. The bone spur on my femur has actually diminished and that was what was causing my muscle to get irritated and clench down on the nerve. The magnetic patent that NIKKEN products incorporate, relaxed the muscle by attracting my blood [iron] to the area. I now have a CERTIFIED NIKKEN WELLNESS HOME and I get my immense energy from the CIAGA juice drink that I get from this company. So to learn more about how to "manage your stress" without pills, check out for more information on their vast array of products.

These next stress management tools come from me going to the Earth Summit in Brazil in 1992. I was a part of the Sacred Earth Gathering of the Wisdom Keepers and made friends with some Aboriginals from Australia. They shared their "doctor in a tree", TEA TREE OIL. It stopped the bugs from biting or if I waited to long, it took the sting away. They run their life with it. The company name is and the preserves in Australia where it comes from give the highest quality, so the aboriginal people give it their affidavit. When I came home I started using it in all facets of my home and boating life because it is a bactericide and fungicide, meaning it kills bacteria and fungus. Key West is a warm moist medium for things to grow, so I manage that stress by using Melaleuca in all facets of cleaning clothes, my home and me.

The stress of the mold after Wilma was overwhelming. It got in my sinuses and lungs and I was pretty sick. was introduced to me by my little sister Shellee and I found THIEVES! Actually it is named for the thieves that robbed the bodies in the time of the Plague in Europe, they never got sick because they concocted a formula of oils from plants that became known as Thieves Oil. I used it in conjunction with Tea Tree Oil and never had to take antibiotics. I still use it for toothache, earache, and cuts, etc. So much for that stress, it is even in my toothpaste and soap.

So many good things came my way from the Young Living aromatherapy oils, they are too many to enumerate. Just know that you can alter life's stresses for yourself and your loved ones on many levels with Aromatherapy from the plant kingdom in your life. Young Living provides the highest quality products and ingredients I have found to date.

If you have already been out with me on the boat then you know that I just get out of Mother Nature's way and she does the healing. However in the summer when the water is warmest, I do Water Shitatu or WATSU. This is a nurturing form of Shiatsu massage done right in our warm Keys water. I do this massage right in the dolphin's playground on a shallow sand bar and the dolphins are usually swimming near by. This is where I can actually say that I have something to do with managing your stress. It is trusting another person to keep the water out of your nose and eyes while being rocked, gently stretched and receive acupressure massage while being in Mother Earth herself. I even pair people up and do "Watsu for Two" so you can learn how to help your loved ones when you return home. I incorporate a guided meditation while floating on the sand bar connected to the boat is also an awesome way to "take a trip and never leave the farm". So, these are some of the tools in my toolbox for managing stress. I hope you will check out the websites and begin thinking about gifts for yourself and your loved ones. Giving the gift of health and prevention by getting people off pills are a few of my goals in life. Both of my parents died from "adverse reactions to prescribed medication" and it is my goal to educate people on the many other ways to health than through prescriptions and invasive procedures.

I have researched these products and am proud to give them my affidavit. Enjoy the tools and let me hear from you...PEACE Victoria Rose
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