Sacred Healing Sounds Day Retreat

This day is what I love to do most every day that I have folks of like mind aboard. I pull out my Sacred Healing Sound Tools that were gifted to me by my teacher, Jonathan Goldman, the head of the Sound Healing Association in the U.S. It can be as simple as me using the tools on the sea or the dolphin, the mangroves or you. It can get more interesting when I show you how to use them on each other and the environment though.

Sacred Healing Sounds

If you want this kind of a day for us to focus on, then I will have one person lay down and we all use the tools focused on that person. Of course we will have the usual cornucopia of fun things to do like snorkeling, beach walking, climbing the trees, exploring new islands and having a picnic in a cathedral of mangroves. Each of my days that I call RETREAT days are just that, you retreat from the land and I dance awake your water spirit. However on this trip we would amplify our intentions with the sound tools for the express purpose of raising the vibration of the object of our focus for HEALING.

Sacred Healing Sounds

Let me know if you want a day with this as the focus or just add it for a little while on a usual day on the water with me. If you bring along crystals we can amp it up a bit more so give me a call and let’s see when we can play with the toys or rather I meant tools, he he together, it is all fun!!!!

Sacred Healing Sounds
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