Summer Solstice Newsletter 

From Captain Victoria at Dolphin Central 

June 2014
Dear Victoria,




Let me start out with an apology for my poor choice of words in the spring newsletter. Some of you got the impression that I was quitting, NO NO NO, I still have 5 more good years in me for sure. I will continue to train my successor, Erin Desmond, who you can read about in the past newsletter in the archive on my website: She will be the best trained Tropical Wilderness Guide she can possibly be while she trains me in Social Media., which by the way seems to be working as my Spring Charter Season broke all records from previous years!!! So many new friends made magical memories with me and the Dolphin showed off in rare form. My deep thanks to everyone who took the time to write about our experiences on the water on Trip Advisor, it really has helped my business, and thank you to all my return charters, you bless my life with your friendship.


It has always been my fondest wish to do more multi day RETREATS and my prayers have been answered. Two new ladies have come forward that want to facilitate their own dream by combining their work with Dolphin, they are Gail Ostrishko, and Karen Lyndel, both past charters of mine who have been inspired by the dolphin to actuate their dreams by offering their gifts to others. Information about Karen's workshop is soon to come, and information about the retreat with Gail is listed below. Watch a video invitation starring yours truly here: Come play in October!


If any of you want to come down and play with the dolphin while facilitating a retreat of your own design, I am all charged up and ready to Co Create with you!! Erin is all about doing a Yoga Retreat on the Islands so stay tuned for that great happening before the water chills. We do the rest time at the end, called Shivasana, in the Sea and call it "SEA-VASANA"!.


Last but not least it seems important to share with you to go to my Facebook page for my business to catch up on the latest videos of the dolphin, it is Dancing Dolphin Spirits Charters, not the Facebook page for my name. Hope you enjoy the stimulation!


Have fun checking out the retreat information and photos from this years Crystals and Dolphins Retreat below.


Love and bright blessings on your lives,


From the Sea Priestess, Captain Victoria






 Engage Your Intuition

Pursue Your Purpose

with Passion




Did you know that most people spend more time planning their vacations

than planning their lives and careers?


TREAT yourself to an amazing engaging adventure custom designed to support you in crafting

a conscious vision and action plan for achieving the life you desire and deserve.

ENGAGE the assistance of the universe:

Mother Nature, delightful dolphins, Sea Creatures, a Sea Priestess,

insight illuminator, creative catalyst and life coach!

INVEST in your most powerful and permanent resource:

YOU, by embracing this adventure of a lifetime!

Leave feeling INSPIRED and EMPOWERED to access

the unconditional abundance of the universe.


See this flyer clearly here:




  Crystals and Dolphins Retreat 2014  




Our 4th annual Crystals and Dolphins Retreat in early spring with Debra Kupchok of was stupendous as usual! If you like what you see it's not too early to book a spot for next year.



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