Spring Equinox Newsletter 

From Captain Victoria at Dolphin Central 

March 2014
Mom and baby enjoying the mild Key West Winter
Dear Victoria,

Hello again my friends,


Three months of winter or more for most of you has been quite tortuous; my how varied Mother Nature is when it comes to winter.


Gentle Winter Winds


The good news is, especially if you are some of the folks that visited me since the last newsletter, that winter was not ALL WIND this year. The mild temperatures and low winds made for many spectacular days in the back country with our friends.  Running along the right are a sampling of moments that were captured, sorry the photography is not fabulous but you get the picture, pun intended.

Trade your Easter Eggs for Easter Shells and Crystals with Dolphins!....or bring egg salad to eat on the beach

Spiritual Retreats 


If any of you want to make plans for coming soon, I will be doing a Crystals and Dolphins Retreat Day on April 6th this year. Debra Kupchok of Spirals of Flight, and I have teamed up for this offering once again, this will be our 4t time to do this special kind of day together. She has the Crystal Cottage on Big Pine Key if you want to visit her when you are here again.


Another great opportunity for a weekend retreat including two days with the dolphins will be held October 2nd - 5th.  This will be a time for amplifying your energy, engaging your intuition and pursuing your purpose with passion guided by Mother Nature, dolphins and Gail Ostrishko, a creative catalyst, insight illuminator and life coach (www.GailO.com). 

If you are interested please call me and I will send the flyer or go to my Facebook page: Dancing Dolphin Spirits Charters.

 Please plan to join us and bring a friend for this amazing event. 

Private Charters are like this hairy sea hare: UNIQUE!!


Private Charters - It's all About YOU!

You may have seen the link on my front page of my website: CaptainVictoria.com that reads Specialty Charters. As most of you know, a private charter allows you to choose among many of my personal services that the creator has gifted me with; some are very metaphysical.

Where your focus lies is what I try to glean from you when you call me. Since you don't usually come by yourself, I listen to each one aboard to be sure to please everyone. Private Charter means you are not one of a crowd. The energy that is coming from the boat is felt by all the critters, not just the dolphin, so you know there is a beautiful exchange. I have a variety of ways to craft a powerful, personalized adventure, here they are:


  • We communicate with dolphin through the use of music to signal our understanding of what their behavior is sharing with us. For example, if we see that they are playful, we might play Janet Klein and her Parlor Boys music from the 1940's. If they are amorous, we might play Barry Cuda and Kenny Fradley's tummy rubbing blues tunes.

  • You have the opportunity to snorkel above five varied habitats behind the boat on tow boards to feel what a dolphin feels on their skin. We call that a Dolphin Day for Humans.

  • If you need to learn how to snorkel, we will take you to shallow water at the beach where there is no current, waves or drama to allow you to become comfortable with looking through the window to our water world.

  • We will explore uninhabited islands and learn as much as you like about the sea and shore life at our feet. We can also walk in silence or a do a little of both.

  • We can make Sand Castles - which includes the fine "Art of Dribbling."

  • Do you need to relax? I provide Stress Management through the practice of Watsu {water shiatsu massage}. I will also teach you some moves for you to take home to your own warm water world.

  • I can also provide Sacred Healing Sound tools
    for you, the dolphin, and the sea, your choice. Tuning forks and Tibetan bowls are available for rebalancing your body mind and spirit.

  • Yoga on an island can be very impromptu, just open to the moment and we will find the perfect spot.

  • Commitment Ceremony for first time partners or a ceremony to commemorate your life together.

  • Spiritual Release Feather Ceremony to say farewell to a loved one with a Celebration of Life Memorial Service, or plan ahead and book your own "Last Flight Out," just kidding.

  • Children of all ages are my specialty, that means no matter how long you have been walking the earth, I will try to bring out the child in you for the day.

  • The Winged Ones have some amazing rookeries here in the Wildlife Refuges that surround Key West. If Flapping wings or stately fishing poses are your delight then getting just the right angle for your photo viewing pleasure is my focus for as long as you want.

  • Freedom from gravity is a pleasure to all of us but it might appeal especially to someone with limited physical ability. Give yourself or a loved one a day with me for touring and or floating; you will be so amazed at how freeing it can be.


In Closing


So my friends I hope I have opened your mind and your heart to more aspects of me than you may have been aware of so that we can carefully and consciously customize your next charter.


I am a bit more metaphysical than most folks and I realize this is not for everyone. We can customize your day any way you wish so call me and let's craft another opportunity for memory making of the most supreme kind. Thank you for believing in me and my capacity to offer an amazing personalized experience.


 If you want to share your past memories of our time together on social media, my great friend, 

MJ Taylor, my Search Engine Optimization pro, has asked me to remind friends to please review your charter on Google, or Trip Advisor . Reviews on either or both are very helpful to me, thank you!


(BTW, if you have read or scanned this newsletter looking for a another glorious story from my life on the sea, be not afraid! In the interest of keeping these newsletters on the briefer side of novel-esque, I will send my stories separately from now on!) 


Thank you for your patronage of the Sea Priestess and ambassador from the dolphins of the shallow green sea, with love and Bright Blessings on your life's path.


Captain Victoria Impallomeni


Until we meet again!

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Hello from above


Time for tummy rubbin blues music: this much belly means many babies to come
Flipping out for the weather: Spring forward!


Dolphins like Easter bunnies, 'eye hopping' around the boat



Winged One in a Winter ballet



Two wishes for a beautiful spring for all of you!

Our friend at the marina, he has been eating our bait 
since he was a little one 
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I believe that most of you know about Reef Relief from our conversations in the boat. I take you out into the REAL classroom of Mother Ocean, however I wonder if you have ever gone down to the Historic Seaport at the end of Green St and visited our Reef Relief Environmental Education Center, it is a must see if you have children or are one yourself. The place is self teaching with environmental exhibits, literature and films free to the public. I am very pleased to tell you that the "Coral Camp" was packed all through the summer with more kids than last summer! We, I say WE because I my President Emeritus, which means I never get to quit the board, I just don't have to go to the meetings any more. So, we are still doing the "DISCOVER CORAL REEFS" program in the schools which I am so proud of, this is 25 years of educating our kids in the keys. It is hoped that they will carry home the messages to their parents, who might not have had the chance to know how they can help or hinder the reef.
We have so many wonderful volunteers who help to remove thousands of pounds of trash from mangrove shorelines, you can help too when you come back down, just stop by 631 Green St to just visit or sign up to help while you are here. Most important is to become an E activist by going to www.reefrelief.org. We invite you to read our monthly newsletter "Reef News" online, under Act Now click the "join our online Community" button to sign up.
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Educational chart courtesy of Conch Aid,

Visit them here to find out more about how they are working to save the coral reefs of the Florida Keys