Corrected Spring Newsletter

From Captain Victoria at Dolphin Central

April 2013
Dear Victoria,

Greetings from "The Ambassador for the Dolphins from the Shallow Green Sea," your Sea Priestess; Captain Victoria Rose.
So here we are again, the Spring Equinox newsletter from Dolphin Central, it has been a year!
I kept believing that I would get out the Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice newsletters but life has led me down a different path this last year. Big, Big, News is that now I have some very significant helpers in my life, answers to prayers actually. You will see the new updates to my website and Facebook pages because of M J Taylor running as my social media "mate" and taking oodles of great photos as well as being so much fun to be with.

Hopefully she will be in town for your next charter so you can see for yourself what I mean.
Then there is the amazing Erin Desmond! This newsletter is coming to you because of her excellent direction and manual labor putting in all of your names and emails. Everyone had told me to go find a young person to teach me and Erin waltzed into my life! Erin is a yoga teacher and massage therapist by trade, so if you would like to connect with Erin while you are here, she is awesome!!!
Erin Shanti Desmond, RYT/LMT
Contact info and more about Erin can be found at www.everythingismoveable.com
She will be running as my assistant, when M J is busy, for as long as I can have her aboard. Just so you will understand better, I am in service to you and they are helping me. Documenting your day for you is a pleasure and I love doing it with your camera or mine.
So on to what's new:
My commitment to you is to write some of my experiences that shaped who, how and where I am, in each newsletter, as well as one from my present charters. This is my way of finally getting around to writing my book that will come out of me doing these stories for you. Staying in touch with all of you and hopefully dropping into your world as Art and I pass through your state on our travels, is my aim. I know some of you have some truly awesome pictures and videos taken with the dolphin and I am asking once again if you would share them with me. I would love to change the content of my website and the Dancing Dolphin Spirits Charters Facebook page as well, with your help. M J has been doing a smashing job of posting loads of great pictures on the Facebook page but she leaves town for half the year so I am hoping to lean on Y'ALL a little. This may come as a surprise to you but I am slowing down. I don't want to go out as often and I am now putting it out to all of you and the creator, that I would like to pass on my knowledge. I am not going to stop chartering, I am keeping my boat! I just want to find someone with their own boat and a driving desire to teach, from a spiritual standpoint, about Mother Nature here in the keys. I specialize in Children, even if it is of all ages. I like to take handicapped folks out with their care givers and give them a chance to be free from gravity while floating in the sea. Spread the word!!!!
I returned home to Key West, the place of my birth in 1948, in May of 1973 after being gone for 11 years, with "A PLAN"!
 Make a Plan and work the Plan, is a very good Momalie. What's a Momalie you ask, just something my mom said a lot, you know like "a job worth doing is worth doing right". I had made a wish on a star every night since leaving and all I wished for was to be back in Key West with my cousin Buddy again and both came true.

After a fabulous train ride from New York to Miami, we, my eleven month old son, Steven, and I rode the Greyhound bus the rest of the way to my big sisters house. Diane and her two sons and husband, Ken, welcomed us to stay with them. Now unfolds the first part of the plan. I immediately went the next morning to the court house to file my "certificate of domicile". This would enable me, I knew, to prove my residency the next school year so I could use my G I bill at the Florida Keys Community College to get my Marine Science Degree. It's all about working "The Plan".
When we left Key West in 1961 I knew that they were building the college and I stayed in touch as coming back to school here was all I could think about. I built a sort of dream board under my little sister's bed; I was on the bottom bunk. I stuck pictures of Key West that I had sent to me, from the Chamber of Commerce as well anywhere else I could find stuff about the sea and palm trees under her mattress, where I could see them every night. I had a medical career as a Chemistry Lab Tech after being in the Air Force as a medic, which was sustaining me until I could go back to school and get the Environmental Marine Science Degree that I dreamed about.
The next day we went to Boog Powell's Marina on Stock Island and Art Spencer, the fork lift driver, put my sister's boat in the water. This will become significant as you read the next story which is current time frame. So that was in 1973 and Diane and her family were planning to move to Nebraska so I bought her boat that day. Their two sons, Kenny Pat and Roy, were raised out in the back country camping on the island that we, my Dad, brother and I had built a tree house on in 1958. That was back when I was in Junior High School; Hurricane Donna took the whole kit and caboodle in 1960. Over time I have learned the hard way, that you don't put nails in mangroves, it weakens them. Wherever we had a line in a mangrove to swing out and drop off into a swimming hole, we had put chocks of wood up the tree to make climbing easy. Well low and behold, after each big storm went by a year later that was the tree that went down. The teaching here is that the nails weaken the tree so much that they can't withstand the fury of the storms. Hind sight is better than no sight I suppose. I never would have believed it except for watching the results of my actions of the last 36 years. Yes I am now in my 37th year of charter!!!!
Entrance to "Falconhurst"
So now back to what I was telling you. The tree house was gone but this particular island had enough land to make for some great adventures. I was reading "Swiss Family Robinson" back then so I named the island "Falcon Hurst", after their tree house. The island has land because there is deep water coming up to the island from the NW. our storm direction! A wave is a ball that we see one third of, that other two thirds just needs depth to become a big wave. So in storms the substrate, read "sand" here, can get thrown up on an island. Only the islands on the outside by the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic have land, the rest are just mangroves because it is so shallow and the waves can't build up in the wildlife refuge, which is the top of the old reef. Well in 2005 we had 4 hurricanes and "Falcon Hurst" changed a lot again. Now there is a huge area of high sand and it's a great picnic island and place to do YOGA ON THE ISLANDS. Camping is no longer allowed as we have a Wildlife Management Plan and the word refuge has a literal meaning for the critters out there.

I took a playpen with a mosquito net and camped out for three days with Steven. That part of the plan was to ground myself back into the keys and that did the trick. When Steven was born in New York I traveled all day to take him to Montauk Point on Long Island to do a dedication to the sea ceremony for him and me. That camping trip was the next phase of the dedication to the sea. Steven has been a Flats Guide Charter Captain for 20 years now and he was my first mate at four when I started chartering in 1976.

When my brother Ron, 18 months older than me, and I went out, in his boat the "Ronnie L", we would play there all day. I have often said I had my first boat at 10, but it just felt like it, because it was really his. We had earned the privilege of going out by ourselves. Our Dad, Vernon D. Alston, was a "lifer" Navy man. He wanted to be on a boat and in touch with the sea instead of up there on a ship, so he built three boats while we lived here. When the family grew he would build another boat, so we kids got the first one.

Now I know that what he did raising us is called "Montessori", but he just wanted us to get home safe if anything happened to him. So he used his words, we used our hands and we got skilled at running the boat. That's why I like to let the kids in my boat help out, even if you are a big kid.

Back to the plan. I had to wait a whole year to go back to school, so I started learning the back country all over again from my Sis and her family. Many of the places that I had gone before had grown in; they don't call the mangroves "The Land That Walked to Sea" for nothing. That year I used my medical career as I waited and worked at the lab in the hospital, every moment that I could I was out there exploring, it was wonderful.

Now for the moral of the story "The Plan"; wish on a star, it works, make a dream board, what you think about becomes reality. Excuse my vernacular but if you want to do it, just do it, there is no anchor tied to your butte, move on! Dream big and dream often, they do come true.
Recent Adventures from Dolphin Central:"Long standing charters unite"

March 2013


My longest standing charter client, Ted Celeste, we think it was his 30th charter, came to town unexpectedly and magic happened once again.

Ted and Eric
Ted and Eric

 All by himself this time, wife and daughters off doing their lives, Ted wanted to be a part of a group. The weather this March has been sort of
 wintery for Key West, down to the 50's at night so I wasn't too excited to charter. I did have a charter for the 2nd of March with a wonderful man, his four year old son, and a business partner. Like Ted, Eric Langdon has become a friend after 6 years of charters. When our day arrived it was not a pretty day and I didn't want to go, everything is relative and compared to Chicago, his home, it was way better. As luck would have it, as we stood on the dock, Eric mentioned that he was considering extending his stay to allow our usual balmy winter to swing back into play. Magic happened as I told him that Tuesday the 5th, which was the only day Ted could go, would have sun and 75 degrees. That was an easy decision and we went back to our warm beds or there about.


So on to the real magic. Ted, from Ohio, was happy to be with others and the dolphin were the most happy of all. Eric was traveling with his business partner who is a very accomplished singer and guitarist, Stevo Hausheer of the Bitterroot Band,the dolphins were waiting for them it seemed. Between the dolphin knowing Ted since 1986 and Eric since 2005 (they do know and remember you!), I knew they would be happy to see them. The icing on the cake was Stevo playing and singing for them while Eric played the boat as a drum. Ted was in the Peace Corps in Fiji long ago where he learned a certain call that the fisherman used to call the dolphins to help them with their fishing, and it has never ceased to amaze me how well it works. I feel it is the dolphins E S P, extra sensory perception, that lets them know he is coming; they always show up. Eric had his son along for the second time and kids are always a draw for the dolphins as well, better yet we had a new friend of Eric's along, Savannah, from Munich Germany and she was such a delight.


The combination of the weather turning warm, the sea going glass like, the old friends coming back, the synchronicity of the combination of the people, all made for a magical day. The pictures tell the story better than me and we even had a turtle show up. Now to the big, big, big magic at least for me.


Art Spencer was mentioned as having put my sister's boat in the water back in 1973, the day I bought it. Well Art and I have been friends and confidants for all these 40 years, he is in the picture wearing the Evinrude jacket with the two dolphins greeting him. 

My husband Art

We have been married now for three years!!!!! I love it when he comes along as first mate when we have old friends returning to play and make memories again. I can't say he was a part of the plan in the beginning but the creator works in wonderful ways.


Why am I sharing this day with all of you? Just to let you know that the magic is still happening, just like when I had a day on the water with you. Also to let you know how much I am looking forward to our next opportunity to make memories together. Most important I wanted to jog your memory of what you felt here, to help you to drop back into that feeling of serenity no matter where you are now. Stay warm and safe until we see each other again and don't fly faster than your angels!


Bright Blessings from Capt. Victoria Rose Impallomeni Spencer 


P.S. If you made it all the way to the bottom of this then I sure would like to hear from you, about the improvements, or anything else, please excuse my learning curve!


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The babies are growing up, it is no surprise, however, I wanted you all to know how much fun we have been having together. Last year there were at least 15 regulars in the family that I visited so much and so close to home. Now there are at least 25 regulars there, and the children are training me well. Now they come to the boat when I give a nice bow wake without going on plane and let me know they want a push. I try it and sometimes they are more interested in each other or are just plain tired from their hard day of love making, fishing and traveling. More often than not, I get a few that want to play because Mom is going to nurse them later so they don't have to worry about getting fish themselves. They start out under the bow and as I develop a sizeable curl at the back of the boat they slip back there. We go for long distances on the sand bar as they leap out of the wave and flip and catch the next one. We have some great video footage of all this and I am doing my best to learn how to put it all in front of you. Here is some!

I just started playing them some Reggae and it is a big hit right now. I realize that they can get bored if I play the same CD's too often,so please bring some music with you that is a happy up beat tempo when you come next time and let's see what happens. National Geographic Traveler magazine wrote about me this January 2013, "she lures the dolphin to the boat with Itzhak Perlman". Now I have to get another CD as I scratched that one and they are waiting for it, they do love our finest and best musicians!

The Dolphins do seem to head me off at the pass more often these days, so we are meeting up in some nice calm spots; this is so great as it has been a windy winter for us this year! I truly hope your winter has been not too unbearable and you found some enjoyment in all the snow. Art and I took off to Maggie Valley NC to play in the snow in December; it was so warm they couldn't even make snow!!! We did find some in Pennsylvania though and had some great fun snow tubing and popping wheelies with 5 year olds again. I hope to see you again soon, so stay safe and warm up there. Bright Blessings from Victoria and Art.


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I believe that most of you know about Reef Relief from our conversations in the boat. I take you out into the REAL classroom of Mother Ocean, however I wonder if you have ever gone down to the Historic Seaport at the end of Green St and visited our Reef Relief Environmental Education Center, it is a must see if you have children or are one yourself. The place is self teaching with environmental exhibits, literature and films free to the public. I am very pleased to tell you that the "Coral Camp" was packed all through the summer with more kids than last summer! We, I say WE because I my President Emeritus, which means I never get to quit the board, I just don't have to go to the meetings any more. So, we are still doing the "DISCOVER CORAL REEFS" program in the schools which I am so proud of, this is 25 years of educating our kids in the keys. It is hoped that they will carry home the messages to their parents, who might not have had the chance to know how they can help or hinder the reef.
We have so many wonderful volunteers who help to remove thousands of pounds of trash from mangrove shorelines, you can help too when you come back down, just stop by 631 Green St to just visit or sign up to help while you are here. Most important is to become an E activist by going to www.reefrelief.org. We invite you to read our monthly newsletter "Reef News" online, under Act Now click the "join our online Community" button to sign up.
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