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 Fall Equinox Newsletter 2014
Fall greetings from Key West and the road...

Hello once more from sunny Key West

Sacred Sound Retreat April of 2014

with Michele Holliwell

I am on the road home to Key West from a vacation/reunion in the Smokey Mountains with my sisters!

It is a month after the Equinox but still very much a beautiful fall where most of you live. Key West has had a few days when the air was lighter and from the north, so I knew it was fall before I ran to the mountains to enjoy the leaf changes, such a gift when Mother Nature changes her clothes. The Hawks told me it was fall by showing up in huge numbers at my "office", unfortunately for the local birds though, as I found beaks, feet and feathers everywhere, the wheel of life turns on.

The dolphins have been on hand, IN AMAZING WAYS, for all of the Memorial Release Feather Ceremonies, and there have been quite a few, to celebrate Continuation Days, otherwise known as letting go of the Earth Suit. I have been honored to be asked to do these celebrations of Life and so fortunate that Spirit has led me to offer them.

I will be continuing to do the specialty charters and retreats as I transition with the new owner of my business, whoever that may be. Yes you heard that right; it is time for me to enter the next phase of my life. I am not too tired and I don't want to stop chartering, however the hand writing is on the wall and I will only be a part of Dancing Dolphin Spirits Charters in the near future, when I can find a buyer. You can help that person find me if you want to network the idea to your friends. I will continue to send newsletters and keep you up to date with the happenings as the transition gets under way, this is my way of getting the word most directly to the Creator so the Universe can move behind the scenes.

 As you can see in this Fall Equinox Newsletter, our upcoming Sacred Sound retreat for the Spring Equinox in March is going to be awesome. I know I will be doing a Crystals and Dolphins Retreat with Debra Kupchok of the Crystal Cottage again as soon as we can arrange one. If anyone has a particular date they would like to be a part of one, please let me know and we will manifest together. The last retreat that Missy and I did last month: to Amplify your Energy, sure amplified mine and I ENERGIZED MY PURPOSE to sell the business, who knew it would be so powerful.

I thought you all might like to know some of my favorite things to do in and around Key West so I am sharing them, hope you like them. Please share your favorite haunts, pun intended, with me if you would and maybe some pictures too, I might learn something new from you!  

Key West for Children of All Ages  

Spring Equinox and Dolphin Retreat- March of 2015
Awakening your Divine Voice: Singing your Siren Song
An experience in Crystal Sound, Water Play & Ceremony Facilitated by Crystal Sound Weaver, Messenger from Unseen Realms, Spirit Dancer, and Co-Creator of The Beloved Waters Project, "Beloved" (Kate Beloved Levensohn) and Captain Victoria Impallomeni, Dancing Dolphin Spirits Charters, called the 'dolphin whisperer' by AAA's Russ Heaps, Captain Victoria is on intimate terms with the wildlife of Key West's backcountry waters. Join this incredible retreat to awaken your own divine voice on the crystal jade waters of the fabulous Florida Keys.
Reef Relief Update
So far, we have removed over 25,000 pounds of marine debris through our Key West High School Reef Relief Club and our periodic coastal cleanup events. We are also helping to develop legislation in Tallahassee including a clean water initiative, which we have almost 3,000 signatures with 97,000 more to collect. Please join the Floridians' Clean Water Declaration and sign the petition here:

Upcoming Reef Relief Events:
  • Mason Jennings at Coast on Stock Island, a Concert to Benefit Reef Relief. November 21st. Tickets ON SALE NOW!! Available at the Reef Relief office and their website, as well as at Mason Jennings concert tickets
  • Wyland Painting auction THIS Friday, November 7th 4pm-8pm at the Reef Relief Environmental Center, 631 Greene Street, Key West


Through Reef Relief, our partners, our schools and education programs, we have been able to create positive change with respect to the health of our coral reefs in the Florida Keys. There is more to say about RR than I have room for in one newsletter, so check the links below for more information about the great programs and events they offer to kids of all ages. It is never to early to start caring for our Great Mother Earth and all her playgrounds.


Learn how to get involved here:

Reef Relief

Thank you all for taking the time to read the newsletter and thank you even more for believing in me as your charter captain, many of you for many years. I promise to take loads of time to share all of the things that you have liked about my charters with the new owner, could that be you? I don't know if Erin Desmond, my media mate that did so many charters with me last year will continue to train with me; she fell in love and went north for the summer and fall. It sure would be grand to have her work for the new owner but we shall see what we shall see in that department. No matter what, I will be onboard for the next two years at least, so I look forward to seeing you again soon.

 Big Love and Bright Blessings on your paths


Captain Victoria Impallomeni and the Dolphins