Magical Memories

Connect with the previous experiences of others

Discover how a short journey over water changed these lives forever. There are special energies at work here, Dolphin Energies, if you will, that are inviting you to come. To reflect on what it means to be human, and to harmonize with a place where humans are mostly a curious guest to the intelligent beings that still call this paradise, "Home". Enter the playground of the dolphins!

Herein, you will find excerpts from the log books, and other news stories and magazine articles written about Capt. Victoria's longstanding and loving stewardship of these unique National Treasures of Living Coral Reefs, Marine Protected Areas, and two National Wildlife Refuges.

She guides people out to the mangroves - God's jungle gym - to experience birds, fish, and other wildlife at play in their natural habitat. Her commitment to teach people about how humanity has affected these birds and other wild creatures has affected many people in many different ways. Because here, nature and spirituality become ONE, and magical healing and transformations take place. Dancing Water Spirits Retreats.

Delanie Kirwin, 16 yrs old, had to write a class assignment and I was chosen. I don't have words for the feelings that this writing has brought up for me except to say " It feels like I just graduated"!! Here is what she wrote and her Dad, Dave Kirwin, said she got an A. I feel like I received the A.

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News Stories and Magazine Articles

Dutch Marine Engineer Bids a Farewell...
Published in "In the Community"
June 2017

Relax in the Florida Keys
Published in AAA Go Magazine, 2012
Use Zip Code 29605 to access

Crystal Dolphin Retreats
Spirals of Light Blog
May 30, 2011

Aboard with Captain Victoria
Published in "Times of the Islands"
May/June 2008

A Day on the Water
Published in "Conch Color the Florida Keys" by Art Winstanley - April 2007

Captain Vicki
Published in "Key West Magazine" by Capt. Dave Lear by Maril Crabtree

Ask and You Shall Receive
Published in "Feather Stories" by Maril Crabtree

When a Dolphin says "hello"
Dave Burns - Island LIFE - February 8, 1990

Take a Wilderness Tour
Excerpts from Katherine Roach's article: Take a Wilderness Tour - June 1993

What Can Dolphins Teach Us
Published in "Well Magazine"
July 2017

Road Trip: Florida Keys
Published in "National Geographic Traveler"
January 2013

Movin' Up in the Keys
Published in "Private Clubs"
April 2011

Commune with Dolphins
Published in "National Geographic Traveler"
Jan/Feb 2009

Sea of Peace
Published in "Venture Inward"
Sept/Oct 2006

Legends of Key West
Cover story in RPM, Vol 5, Issue 14

A Day on the Water
Excerpts from David Kemp's article appearing in Solares Hill - July 29, 1993

Dancing with the Dolphins
Finding My Water Spirit, as experienced by: Christine Beck

Ecotourism in the Florida Keys
Excerpts from Bill Belleville's article published in AAA World - April 1993

These log book excerpts, through the years, tell the story

"Thanks for sharing your paradise with us!"
- Marty Avant / Beth Lee, Marietta, Ga.

"Once in a lifetime adventure! Loved the connection with Mother Earth!!"
- Critha Franse, Knoxville, Tn.

"A fabulous time - making our honeymoon even more special! Would love to do it again!"
- Sam & Denise Hutchinson

"It blew the old lady right out of me and let me find my kid again. Thank you Victoria. I'll be back. Watsu!"
- Trudi Dido, Atlanta, Ga.

"An entire day wasn't long enough. All we'd hoped for and more. Thank you for introducing us to your beautiful world!"
- Gloria, Rebecca, and Ken Sofiet, Ellicott City, Md.

"Wonderful journeys - mystical and spiritual! Great music - overall fantastic experience."
- Ellen Spangler, Denver, Co.

"It was so wonderful to experience the glorious beauty of Mother Earth. The dolphins allowed me to begin to love myself. I thank you, I thank Mother Earth, I thank the dolphins, and especially the energy I received through this spiritual journey and my new friends."
- Wendy Happel, Catorsville, Md.

"A lovely spiritual moment - Good energy all around. Keep talking to the Dolphins!"
- Lenny Vitale, Boulder, Co.

"Great trip!! We loved the dolphin swim - what an amazing feeling."
- Gina Butcher / David Lasky, Boulder, Co.

"We loved our morning and all the information. The kids learned so much. Thanks!"
- Steve & Vicki Mullaney, Middleburg, Va.

"Truly awesome time!! Wonderful experience for all. Loved all the special places and activities! Thanks for a truly magical, unforgettable time. Thanks for sharing all that info. It is appreciated! With gratitude, Jill."
- Jill Putnam, Wellfleet, Ma.

- Jeffrey, & Tina Daniel, Murphysboro, Il.

"Dancing with Dolphins is a memory we will have for a lifetime. See you next year, Daniel and Bridget look forward to more snorkeling."
- David Carhart, Skippack, Pa.

"A life long dream to swim with the dolphins come true. What a wonderful experience."
- John Anspaugh, Durham, N.C.

"A beautiful answer to a spiritual seaquest."
- Maria Manti, Jupiter, Fl.

"If God made anything better, he kept it for himself - what an experience!"
- Dallas Riley, Cookeville, Tn.

"It was so incredible and beautiful that I am speechless. THANK YOU!"
- Christen Dalby, Pleasanton, Ca.
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