I am only 67 years young, very healthy, and I want to go travel with my husband-love Art a lot more while we are in such good health. So, yes you read that right, I am SERIOUS, and I am really selling 49% of DANCING DOLPHIN SPIRITS CHARTERS!!! It is time for me to prepare the business for the new owner, one whom I am manifesting that shares a spiritual passion for our diverse and special ecosystem, connecting energetically with our mother ocean and her dolphins, and one who is ready to carry the light of education and awareness for all who experience our unique ocean adventures. I am sharing with you the list of all the goodies, otherwise known as intangible assets, that go with it. Perhaps you will know just the right person to share this opportunity with, perhaps it is YOU who are ready to make a change and do something you have always wanted to do, but never knew how to go about starting your own charter business in the Florida Keys. So, here is the list of assets that are already in place to titillate your sense of adventure.

Number one is ME! I will share my knowledge as an ongoing support for as long as I am needed. After all I will own 51% so I will stay engaged in as many ways as is wanted and needed to ensure that the value is still there for you, my wonderful client-friends, when YOU return. Whoever buys DDSC may or may not be a captain. I will train the new captain, kind of like an APPRENTICE. This would include the Marine Science and Ecology, the "streets" instead of just the "highways" on the water, colors and what they mean on windy, as well as calm days, the back country islands, and introduce the new captain to my friends, the dolphins in a spiritual way. My metaphysical self is not reproducible, but I will share my knowledge and experience to help you cultivate your own energetic relationship with the dolphins based on a spiritual connection.

The next most important part of the segue, is all the GUIDE BOOKS to the Florida Keys that call me every year to see if I am still keeping on keeping on. I will introduce the new owner as my apprentice and then they will be getting the call the next year from the many guide books and travel services that list DDSC as one of the top charters in the Florida Keys. Do you realize what that would mean? NO COMMISSIONS!!!!! The booking agents here in the Keys usually take 30-40% of the profit. Because I am aligned with the guide books and travel services around the globe, I have never had to give a commission since I started so long before all of that started happening. You found me by word of mouth, a guidebook, an article you read or saw on TV, or nowadays online. The fact that I started nearly 40 years ago before the term ECO-Tourism was coined, and I am still going as a Tropical Wilderness Guide, is a huge selling point. Most folks who want a private charter book ahead of time instead of waiting for a barker on Duval Street to convince them what boat to go on.

The DDSC website, phone number, Facebook page all comes with it too. Another plus is having the Social Media and a S.E.O.: Search Engine Optimization person getting me up in the rankings, which means more people are finding me online. From recently implementing these, my virtual presence has really grown and I am booking more charters online than ever before, mostly because I received the honor of business of the year in 2015 from Trip Advisor!!!

I truly feel I am passing on a LIVING LEGACY. To have made friends with the dolphin in an ongoing interspecies communication through music is a minor miracle all by itself. To have had a relationship since 1976 with the same dolphin and their children for 13 generations, they usually have a baby every 3 years, is something that no monetary value can be put on.

Communication through sound {music} has been the backbone of my charter life; the iPod, speaker system, and downloaded music will come with the boat too. By the way the boat just received yet another face lift, new rub rail, fresh paint on the deck, and new cushion covers. I am jealous as all get out, the IMP II has had 5 facelifts in her life and I still haven't had one, Phooey!

If this sounds like the opportunity of a lifetime, that is because it is! This charter has been my life for 40 plus years and I feel ready, emotionally and physically, to begin the process of passing the torch. Please contact me with any questions and I will be happy to share even more with you about this incredible lifestyle and chance to do something really wonderful not only for yourself, but for all the lives you touch.

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