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Have you ever wondered what it felt like to glide through the water like a dolphin? What would the water feel like on your skin? If you didn't have to kick your fins and could be pulled slowly through the water, wouldn't that feel delicious?
Let Captain Victoria take you on an underwater tour on her dolphin massage boards. If you close your eyes and concentrate on the feeling of the water on your skin, as the boat does the work, you can really be one with Mother Earth. Let yourself imagine that your skin just disappears and the water in and out of your body is one. When the water is warm it is like your skin is a permeable membrane.

For the experienced snorkler, be ready for as much time exploring as you can take. If you have never snorkeled, have no fear, Captain Victoria will take you to a place where you can stand up on the sand to get started while the more advanced folks can find interesting critters so see while you are learning. You can take your time as you get used to the equipment until you are ready to move to the next step, there will be no current and nothing that you can hurt if you stand up. As you learn to trust Mother Ocean to support you, that air really does come in easily through your snorkel, you will be ready for adventure also.

First of all, going slowly and quietly in nature is first and foremost, so you learn to move silently thru the water, less is more in the water.

You will explore seven distinct habitats such as Patch Reefs made up of the mounding corals teeming with tropical fish of all kinds. The soft coral forest makes you think that the animals are pretending to be plants.

Everything underwater here is protected and Captain Victoria will help you become a steward of the sea life as you come to understand that they can't get out and put salve on like you can, so no touching is allowed in any way shape or form.

Reef Relief has been Captain Victoria's passion for over 20 years of her 35 years of charter. You are bound to learn oodles more than you expected to because of her Environmental Marine Science Degree that she shares with you all day. Hopefully you will visit Reef Relief's Environmental Education Center located at the end of Greene Street and Elizabeth Street on the water behind the Conch Republic Seafood Company you just might become a part of the team of folks that are trying to preserve this wonderful place for you to return to. You could also join right here right now!

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To share in the previous experiences of others, follow this link to Magical Memories and discover how a four-hour-trip changed these lives forever. Here, you will find excerpts from the log book, and other news stories and magazine articles written about Capt. Victoria's longstanding stewardship of this natural National Treasure.

If you feel the "vibes" and already know this tropical adventure is for you, then please contact us.
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