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Victoria Impallomeni is a native of Key West, and a charter boat guide for the last 32 years. She teaches environmental marine science to people who want to learn more about our links with nature by being in nature.
As captain of her 25-foot open fisherman charter boat, she takes people out into the "flats" and the mangrove habitats - God's jungle gym - to see birds, fish, and other wildlife at play in their natural habitat. This area is home to many species of heron, tern, osprey, pelican, hawks, eagles, and cormorants; marine animals like sea turtles and wild dolphins, and many others. Her commitment to teaching people about how humanity has affected these birds, and other wild animals, is demonstrated by her dedication and respect for their natural, undisturbed habitat.

Two types of charter adventures are available to you: The Dancing Water Spirit Retreat and the Wilderness Tours. Pick and choose, combine what interests you most and then join Capt. Victoria for an incredible day aboard the IMP II, and experience the truly magical, and unforgettable pleasures of being surrounded by the natural world that is her classroom and science lab! Don't forget to bring your camera, you won't want to miss the wild animal and dolphin picture opportunities. . .

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To share in the previous experiences of others, follow this link to Magical Memories and discover how a four-hour-trip changed these lives forever. Here, you will find excerpts from the log book, and other news stories and magazine articles written about Capt. Victoria's longstanding stewardship of this natural National Treasure.

If you feel the "vibes" and already know this tropical adventure is for you, then please contact us.
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