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Are you looking for a life-changing experience? This dolphin adventure will help you transform the captivity you feel; into fresh energy! Do you want to shed those inner fears? Then come and experience the life of a dolphin while dancing awake your water spirit. Enjoy a dolphin day for humans as a healing and revitalizing retreat from your everyday life.
This adventure is not for everyone. It is not meant for the thrill seeker heading to Florida in hopes of a Disney-like joy ride along with Flipper. These are wild dolphins in their natural habitat. You will travel to the playground of the dolphins, and you are their guest. It is meant for those that truly respect and appreciate and want to be ONE with the surroundings of mother nature.

A DANCING WATER SPIRITS RETREAT is an uplifting experience of self-transformation designed to bring the spirits of the waters into your life. The transformational energies you receive will help you to appreciate yourself, nurture your intuition and awaken your senses and inner wisdom for health and longevity!

Aboard the IMP II, a comfortable, shaded 25-ft. powerboat, you will travel to a shallow, protected area where the healing electromagnetic field of the dolphins can be felt. You will glide over peaceful, serene waters. Snorkel the shallow coral and visit the dolphins colorful friends in their watery playground. Picnic on a tropical mangrove island with beautiful birds and natural beaches. Your human/dolphin experience will reach its height as you journey deep into yourself in a guided meditation with dolphins while floating on a shallow sand bar. Weather permitting, you will enjoy water body work known as WATSU (water Shiatsu) and breath work.

By the end of the day, you will have experienced the Tao of Mother Earth as exemplified by the dolphin and their friends. This life-changing experience creates a new foundation for realizing your full potential as the water spirits dance on in you!

To share in the previous experiences of others, follow this link to Magical Memories and discover how a four-hour-trip changed these lives forever. Here, you will find excerpts from the log book, and other news stories and magazine articles written about Capt. Victoria's longstanding stewardship of this natural National Treasure.

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A DANCING WATER SPIRITS RETREAT is an evocative, empowering process for self-renewal to enrich your creativity, spontaneity and to revitalize your being. Arrangements can be made for up to 6 people per charter.

If you feel the "vibes" and already know this tropical adventure is for you, then please contact us.
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