Key West Burial at Sea

Spiritual Release with Feather Ceremony

When a loved one leaves their earth suit and makes the transition to not needing it anymore, I offer a ritual for those that want to celebrate that life with a ceremony, usually in the company of dolphins and/or eagles.

Burial at Sea

As I call in the four cardinal directions and create a sacred space by including the other three directions: sky, earth and within, we have an opportunity to give thanks for all of the wonderful gifts that this life brought to this earth. Finding ways to share in the departure, while seeing the vision of the life force continuing, is important to all of who love the person that is no longer with us on the earth plane. Honoring the flight of the soul with other wishes is central to the Feather Ceremony. As the feathers are released on the wind and then float on the sea, we speak our visions and wishes for this wonderful soul that has now moved on.

In the EAST
Illumination of a new path with a new vision for this loved one to start its’ New Beginnings.

In the South
Trust and Growth as the new path unfolds with Joy and Playfulness.

In the West
A time for going within and seeking the ancestors to reach out a hand and guide the way.

In the North
The place of Wisdom for the one that left and for those that are left behind. A time to go through the endurance of not seeing this soul, but instead allowing Wisdom to reach through the sadness and allow this soul to take flight and be really free to move on.

I open to all that would like to participate with their own words, poems, thoughts, and prayers, as we are all one human family with many religions and one faith.

We can do this ceremony on an island or in the boat, even in the company of dolphins if they are amenable.

More than one boat can be made available and each boat can carry 6 people. The service is $200.00 and the boat is $100.00 per hour and would usually be at least 2 hours or more if we went to the dolphins’ playground and very negotiable. I am a Sea Priestess and follow a shaman path in life that I call Mother Earth Spirituality. All of my ceremonies and Rituals are customized to include your wishes and those of the one that has made the transition. I would be pleased to be of service to you and your family to make a great celebration to honor all involved. Love Light and Bright Blessings
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