Yoga on the Islands Day Retreat

Take the time to enjoy the relaxation of traveling over the shallow green sea and visiting with the dolphin on your way to the deep bliss of doing YOGA on an uninhabited island. Retreat from the land and Dance Awake your Water Spirit aboard the IMP II for a day of inner retreat. Our Yoga instructor is Erin Desmond who has her own special blend of yoga moves to enhance your wellbeing

Yoga on the Beach

The day can include so much more as it you get to customize your day with the final direction of Mother Nature herself. We will find the perfect beach to do our yoga with just the right breeze. Visiting the dolphin in the course of the day as we come and go is totally up to their plan for their day. Snorkeling and feeling the support of Mother Ocean as we finish our yoga in the vipasana pose will be sublime.

We can add in some sacred healing sound tools also, just to balance our chakras and move deeper into peace. There are infinite possibilities and combinations or variations of all the different trips I offer, however, having the gift of Erin Desmond as our instructor for the Yoga part of the day is beyond measure.

Erin will now explain her form of yoga offering.

Enjoy the freedom and beauty of the mangrove islands environment with a devotional Hatha yoga practice designed to center your heart and spirit in the gift of the day, the moment, the company (dolphin, birds, butterflies, crabs, conchs, sea turtles, human friends and family, and wild island flora!) and most appropriately, the great ocean of love that is available at all times to all of us. I am open to working with specific requests and special considerations; a typical practice will include chanting, work with specific breathing techniques (pranayama), work with specific gestures (mudras), and a flow of postures (asanas) accessible to a range of experience and capability levels. If the temperature allows we can end the practice in the water, floating in meditation in a relaxation pose 'SEAvasana' (shivasana).


Erin Shanti Desmond is a conch, meaning she was born on the beautiful isle of Key West, and though she has traveled and adventured in the meantime, Key West has remained a spiritual home. Erin completed a 200 hour Krama Vinyasa Yoga teacher training in Key West through Shakti Yoga Studio in January 2013. Yoga has been a great complement to Erin's contemporary dance training, as well as her therapeutic massage practice.
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