Watsu (water shiatsu massage) Day Retreat

This specialty is one that I give to folks that would like to be released from some of their stress. Of course it can be incorporated into any usual day of snorkeling, beach walking, birding, dolphin watching, yoga, crystals, you name it.

Watsu (water shiatsu massage)

If you want to be shown some Watsu, I as a trained practioner, can pair two people up and hold one person myself and show you the moves that you can take home to do for each other in your own water world of pool, lake, or sea. It is as if I was Isadora Duncan and you were my scarf, if you know of her world, she was the mother of modern dance. I have been taught shiatsu moves to do on your meridians and I do them while you are lying in the water face up and it feels like I am doing Tia Chi. Usually the dolphin are not very far off in the distance as this is going on and I think they help. I support you and move you through the water as you let the water do gentle stretches for you. The sea is my massage table and you are wearing a swim mask to keep the water out of your nose and eyes. I place a cloth over the mask so you have the sun in your eyes and the snorkel is removed.

It is not possible to do a complete Watsu as the water is never quite warm enough. On land the pool is 94 degrees to help you to feel like you are back in the womb. However, out in the sea I can only do Watsu for about 20 to 30 minutes before the sea saps your heart out of the top of your head, even in the summer. If the water ever got so warm that I could do a longer Watsu, the corals would be damaged, so I am not hoping for that. We take turns and even wear wet suits if need be.

This is a stress management technique that is very healing. Most folks haven’t been held, much less rocked a lot in their life. This is a very gentle, healing way of being in the sea with many positive aspects coming out of it. I look forward to the summer when I can enjoy doing this wonderful gift I have in my tool box of healing modalities. Come explore this way of being held by a human and held by Mother Ocean, she is calling you.
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