Spring Equinox Dolphin and Mermaid Retreat

March 19-22, 2015

An experience in Crystal Sound, Water Play & Ceremony Facilitated by Crystal Sound Weaver, Messenger from Unseen Realms, Spirit Dancer, and Co-Creator of The Beloved Waters Project, "Beloved" (Kate Beloved Levensohn) and Captain Victoria Impallomeni, Dancing Dolphin Spirits Charters, called the 'dolphin whisperer' by AAA's Russ Heaps, Captain Victoria is on intimate terms with the wildlife of Key West's backcountry waters. She has been guiding wilderness eco tours for 39 years – long before the concept of eco tours became fashionable. She knows many of the dolphin by name and has her own signature 'whistle' that lets her marine mammal friends know when she arrives at the playground. "She plays music to attract dolphins," writes Mark Spivak, National Geographic Traveler.

Calling all Water Goddesses - Mermaids - Atlantians - Lemurians - Sylphs - Water Sprites...Come Play With Us In The Water Realm!
Did you know that most people spend more time planning their vacations than planning their lives and careers?

Celebrate Spring Equinox in Key West, Florida feeding your soul as you re-connect to your Water Element - Dolphins - Snorkeling - Watsu Ocean Bowl Float - Sacred Ceremony - Play - Channeling from Unseen Realms - Laughter - Crystal Bowls & Water Blessings! Family Reunion for Divine Water Goddesses!

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Come play with us! Learn How to Sing Your Siren's Song & Re-connect with your Mer-Wisdom!

Join us for this amazing Spring Equinox Dolphin and Mermaid Divine Sound Experience!

During this magical Divine Sound, Water Play & Ceremony retreat in Key West, you will experience a Cosmic Heart Activation with Beloved and her gemstone alchemy crystal singing bowls, vocal harmonics, language of light frequencies and channeling from the angelic realms. We will spend 2 days on the Water with these powerful Sound Goddesses as Captain Victoria connects us to the magnificent sound frequencies of her loving Dolphin Family and Beloved teaches you to connect to your cosmic heart and sing your own Divine Siren Sound.

Aboard the IMP II, a comfortable, shaded 25-ft. powerboat, you will travel to a shallow, protected area where the healing electromagnetic field of the dolphins can be felt. You will glide over peaceful, serene waters. Snorkel the shallow coral and visit dolphins colorful friends in their watery playground. Picnic on a tropical mangrove island with beautiful birds and natural beaches. Your human/dolphin experience will reach it's height as you journey deep into yourself in a guided meditation with dolphins while floating on a shallow sand bar. Weather permitting, you will enjoy water body work known as WATSU (water Shiatsu) and breath work.

Experiencing Sea and Land, we will gather at Sea Priestess Sanctuary for several ceremonies. Friday night, Spring Equinox, dressed in our finest goddess/mermaid garb, we will honor the Vernal Equinox Portal through a magical Equinox Ceremony Divine Crystal Sound Activation.

Throughout this mystical retreat, you will experience the powerful essence and sound technology of Beloved's Gemstone Alchemy Singing Bowl Beings who unlock and decode information and wisdom through the quantum field through the expression of Divine Crystal Sound, allowing this wisdom and information to be received in the third dimension.

By the end of our time together, you will have experienced the Tao of Mother Earth as exemplified by the dolphin and their friends, merging with the sound frequencies of Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls and Your Siren's Song singing through Your Cosmic Heart. This life-changing experience creates a new foundation for realizing your full potential and activating your HeartSong as the Water Spirits dance within you!


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