Earth Day Crystals and Dolphins Retreat

April 22, 2016

Come join us for a special Full Moon, Earth Day Retreat on the water Friday, April 22nd, in Key West, Florida. Join us for a Healing Crystals, Dancing Dolphin Retreat where we will use Earth Healing Gemstones to create ceremony for healing the Earth and ourselves.

This special trip will include time to create our own Crystal Mandalas and Intentional Energy Grids with gemstones we have brought with us, along with items we find in nature as we walk the beach. Debra will lead us on several crystal meditations to help us attune to crystals and stones and to hear the messages they have to offer us.

Debra Kupchok

We will invite the dolphins to join us as we offer the pure sounds of the singing crystal bowls and welcome them with our gratitude, love and prayers, as they bless us with their joyful spirit.

This is a wonderful time of year to greet the new energies of Spring. Open to the renewal this time of year can offer us. The longer days allow more light both in our outer world as well as our inner world. Take some time for yourself, align your energies, with the deepest parts of yourself and send healing to Mother Earth.

Come experience the healing vibrations of the Dolphin and Crystals as you awaken to your truest self.

Healing Crystals & Dancing Dolphin retreats combine the vibrational energy of crystals & gemstones with the magical interactions of wild dolphin. When was the last time you were out on the water? Treat yourself to a day of personal healing and BLISS! For more info and to register please call Debra at 305-872-4750 to reserve your spot today. Limited to 6 people. 9am- 4pm. Read more here
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