Key West Wild Encounter:
A Dolphin Day for a Human

A dolphin day for a human is my aim for the day…as many ways as I can share about what a dolphin feels, is important to me. When you stand in the bow with the reins in your hand, you really aren’t driving 200 horses at the same time but you can pretend; you are feeling what the dolphin feel when riding the wake of the boat. They like to put their heads out of the wave and feel the wind on their faces as much as they like being propelled by the wave.

Dolphin Day for Humans

To get a massage from Mother Ocean while touring on a Dolphin Board is a blast. Dolphin boards, also called water massage boards, allow you to feel what a dolphin feels on their skin while gliding through the water. I suggest to my clients that they close their eyes while I pull them slowly through the water and they can lock into the feeling of being a dolphin for a while.

Mask and snorkel on, you are pulled gently behind the boat, securely connected by the dolphin board and a long line to the boat. It’s thrilling and completely safe, as you control the speed with simple hand signals. You can let go at any time, especially if you see a turtle or something else that interests you.

Sometimes two people share a board; some prefer the freedom of their own board. For touring on the surface the board is faced in one direction. For the more adventurous you can move more completely into the feeling of being a dolphin by doing barrel rolls and other tricks below the surface. I like to drag my feet in the sand like the dolphin do with their pectoral fins or their tail. You will be given complete instructions on board the IMP ll , to make your “human as dolphin” experience a reality.

The dolphins live with the results of whatever humans put into the ground; everything ends up downstream. Once you have eye to eye contact with a dolphin you will remember that encounter. They are sentient and make a conscious decision about everything they do all day. A great side effect from our dolphin encounter is a raised Eco-consciousness in you; don’t be surprised if you change some of your unconscious habits.

Dolphins use ESP (extra sensory perception), so it’s important to be aware of what you’re thinking when you’re around dolphin. Consciously think about what you are here on this planet to give, your purpose or mission, ask for a blessing on your endeavor and don’t be surprised when it comes to fruition. One of the common responses to an encounter with dolphins is tears of Joy. Dolphin sense when we are emotional and our brains are flooded with endorphins and they respond to our brain wave changes. They love making us cry with Joy.

So now you can see why I say that I specialize in children of all ages, you get to bring the child out in you as you play as I’ve explained. On our charter, I’ll share with you the things that I did growing up here and playing in my back yard, the back country of the Florida Keys. Come on down and let’s make happy memories.
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