Dolphin and Crystals Day Retreat

I suppose it is best to let you know what I mean by Day Retreat. The dolphins and I "Dance Awake your Water Spirit" when you retreat from the land! So a day on the water with me is always a retreat, so to speak. We will travel to where the electromagnetic field of the dolphin is felt; we call it their bedroom or playground. Before we get very far from port I stop the boat to give us a time to allow our thoughts to go ahead of our actions so the dolphin can use their E S P: extra sensory perception, to pick up on us. We will take the time to speak our intentions for the day and send our gratitude ahead of us.

Dolphins and Crystals

The magic of the dolphins is enhanced by the vibration of the crystals. What I ask you to do is bring your own clear quartz crystals and any others that you are drawn to bring and don't forget one to leave behind for the dolphin. We will deprogram them by burying them in the sand. In order to find them again we first take a walk on the beach to find some seashells and other totems to mark the spot where we place them. This makes for a very lovely Mandala all by itself, and a perfect opportunity for me to teach you some environmental marine science from the items you pick up. Later, after we sit with them in the sea, to reprogram each one with your desires, we will make another Mandala.

Dolphins and Crystals

We can photograph your Mandala as precious keep sake. Everything is so in the moment out there as the dolphin lead us through our day. I have intentions and wishes for our day but each day is customized by Mother Nature's wishes and the dolphins. I like to include your wishes as well, so this is an open forum. A guided meditation is wonderful to do as you lie with crystals around you and on you if you like that. Snorkeling with your mesh bag of crystals around your neck is another plan that could come to life.

I like to teach you how to use the Sacred Healing Sound tools on each other and on the sea, dolphins, birds, trees and me! So you can count on some time on a beach, some snorkeling if you like that, being with the sweetest dolphins and reaching deep within to a place of bliss filled peace. The Crystals enhance your vibrations so it is a time for becoming balanced and fine-tuned. Be sure to be thinking about what you are here on the planet to give, not get, and when you have eye contact with the dolphin, you just may get a blessing on your gift to the world.

Dolphins and Crystals

In general it is a play day in which we get to play with Mother Nature, Dolphins and pieces of Mother: Her Stones! Don't be surprised if you go home after this and find you have changed your life in a big way after that "Dolphin Blessing"!
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