Dancing with the Dolphins
Finding My Water Spirit

As experienced by: Christine Beck

Captain: Capt. Victoria
Vessel: "The Imp"
Occupants: Gloria, my mother. . . Chase, my first cousin. . . Kaitlin, his daughter. . . and Me

DIVE ONE: Introduction, Sensing and Uncertainty. . . on my part, the Mystical magical creatures knew who they were and their purpose, it was me "who was out of the water," so to speak! Realizing my limitations, early on, and their game playing, I had quite a bit to learn. . . especially holding my breath for longer than I ever had. The dolphins find humans on the surface very boring, if you want to play with them you must play on their turf. . . Down under. "Be interesting," as instructed Captain Victoria, a 24 year veteran of dolphins, boats and the Sea. The dolphins were a bit elusive, but they knew. . . we would be back!

DIVE TWO: Okay now, I think that I have it down. . . DOWN. . . being the operative word. If you want to Dance with the Dolphins you have to play by their rules! Simple. . . just grow gills!

FIRST CONTACT: 3 smaller dolphins, in synchronized timing, exposed their undersides to me. . . I imitated the motion, not knowing what I was doing. Later finding out that they were exposing their vulnerability to me. A big step. I do believe that they even smiled at me, but that is silly, they always have a smile on their face. . . interesting. . . Do they know something that we do not? I believe so.

Personal note: I was inexplicably drawn to them. . . I did not want to leave them.

DIVE THREE: Close Encounters

They were definitely more interested in me, coming closer (I wonder if it had anything to do with the silly noises I incessantly made through my snorkel?), read, they were coming within 24-inches of me and not so eager to run away so quickly. I actually had eye-to-eye contact with one of these special creatures. . . he/she slowed down enough, falling behind his/her group to check me out.

Note: DO NOT TAKE BREATHS, because when you go back down, the elusive creatures are GONE. . . to continue their game. . . Hide 'n Seek!

DIVE FOUR: AWESOME. . . POWERFUL. . . OVERWHELMING. . . We were headed in. . . Fini, finito, finished (much to my disappointment). . . headed back to the barn. I wanted to stay and be with them, be them. . . but I am them. . . Or was I them. . . or will I be. . . There were 12-15 Dolphins all around the boat, they finally settled by the stern. . . beckoning us to come and play with them. I had my gear on in record time. . . I had to be with my new (old) friends! Had to be there now. . . one does not jump into the water, one slips in gently. I really felt called by them, drawn. . . whatever name you want to put on it. I was 40 feet from the boat, alone, with all of them. They were everywhere. I was one of them for 6 heartbeats. . . in the middle of them. . . they were 6-inches from me, side-to-side, below me, above me. I had been instructed not to touch them, they did not touch me, but came very close. "AIR, I need Air!" But I knew that if I went up they would be gone when I went down again. . . I had to go. . . I went right back down AND THEY WERE STILL THERE! My cousin said, as they looked from the boat, that it was an incredible sight, me in the middle of the pod. . . everyone was mesmerized so there were no photo shots. I cannot relay the serenity that I felt from them. It has to be felt, sensed, known firsthand. I will never forget this Experience. . . Ever. . .

Captain Victoria said something will happen to me because of the close intimate experience with these wondrous mammals, well, the first thing was returning to the Bed and Breakfast to find Tiki, my usually aggressive African Gray Parrot wanting to be petted like a kitty for about an hour, a first! Now I look forward to the Power of the Encounter, the residual effect from this most wonderful experience.
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