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Hi, my name is Capt. Victoria Impallomeni-Spencer and I want to thank you for taking the time to become aquainted with the website. Let me tell you a little about myself and answer most of your questions about a day on the water with me.
I was born in Key West, Florida, and was raised here until I was 13. I owned my first boat when I was 10. My father made it for me. Dad was a Navy man, and he really loved the sea, so we were always on it when he was in port. He had to please Mom and four kids, so we always did some of everything!

Well, that's exactly what I want to do with you, too. We will walk on beaches, look for shells, climb trees, visit birds, snorkel in seven unique habitats, visit Dolphin and pretend we are one of them. This is a fun adventure no matter what we do! I specialized in children right from the beginning. Nobody could answer my questions when I was little. So I went to school and got a degree in Environmental Marine Science. I share and teach that all day long. I try to erase fear and superstition and replace it with knowledge.

When your family charters one of these adventures, you have my undivided attention, and we will do what YOU want to do. All of you! Because there is always something special for everyone. I may not be able to answer every question, but try me, because I might answer yours!

I returned to Key West when my son was born and have been back since 1973. My son, Steven Impallomeni, was my first mate starting at age 4! He has been a charter Captain since he graduated high school. If you want to catch fish, call him at (305) 292-9837. He's a top-notch flats and near-shore fishing guide. Recently, he was featured in Outdoors Magazine (Winter/Spring 1999), in an article entitled, bonefish in the morning, margaritas in the afternoon, written by Jerry Gibbs.

Back to me...I follow a path in life called Mother Earth Spirituality and I can bring that more into play if it is requested. It's part of my healing side for self transformation. To commune with nature in God's paradise, and revitalize your being in the Dolphins playground, is truly uplifting for the spirit and brings peace of mind.

There are two national wildlife refuges surrounding Key West and we travel and explore in one or both in the course of a day. It's very shallow water and protected from waves so no one gets sea sick. You can literally walk home from everywhere I go. The furthest I go is 45 minutes away - about 12 miles from Key West, but all in warm shallow water. I have a bathroom and shower aboard and the boat is shaded. It's very easy to get in and out with a full dive platform and a 3-step ladder.

I also do a lot of work with handicapped people. The buoyancy of water can be quite liberating, and a relief from the stress of gravity on our bodies. These waters are blessed with Dolphin energies, and that helps too!

Please scan the website and enjoy the photos, magazine articles, and other stories published about some of our adventures. It is my hope that they help you to understand why I love these waters so much, and why I want to share them with you. So you too can experience the powerful beauty contrasting with the fragile and delicate nature of the Florida Keys. And then, you will know why we are working so hard to preserve this sacred area for future generations. I look forward to meeting you soon.

Come on! Let's play! It's going to be a great day!

To share in the previous experiences of others, follow this link to Magical Memories and discover how a four-hour-trip changed these lives forever. Here, you will find excerpts from the log book, and other news stories and magazine articles written about Capt. Victoria's longstanding stewardship of this natural National Treasure.
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